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June 14, 2023-WealthSpring and AmenaPure Reach Agreement

Venture Capital Firm WealthSpring Advisors Reaches Agreement with Innovative Filtration Manufacturer AmenaPure

WealthSpring Advisors, LLC announced today that after months

of negotiations, it has reached an agreement in principle with AmenaPure, a manufacturer developing breakthrough technologies within the $1.7 trillion annual global filtration industry. WealthSpring’s participation will initially propel AmenaPure’s efforts to expand into the profitable and underserved $110 billion annual water purification market, where nearly two billion people worldwide do not have access to clean drinking water.

WealthSpring will take the lead on AmenaPure’s upcoming capital raise and provide ongoing strategic support for the California-based technology company. Thomas Howell, WealthSpring’s President and Chief Investment Officer commented, “We’re very pleased that WealthSpring was chosen by AmenaPure to expand its efforts and reach the next level of its development and growth. It’s satisfying to be part of such a profitable and important humanitarian effort that can potentially impact millions of people and increase their quality of life.”

The completion of AmenaPure’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and ramping up production to meet the company’s increasing sales demand is slated to be job one. Frederick Apple, WealthSpring’s CEO added, “The WealthSpring team is extremely excited to roll up its sleeves and accelerate AmenaPure’s mission and footprint. We look forward to launching our planned strategy and begin the task of scaling AmenaPure's operations and manufacturing sometime later this year.” More information about WealthSpring Advisors, LLC and WealthSpring Capital, LLC can be found at

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